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Reputable Builders Delivering A Speedy Service

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Derwood Homes and Developments... Quality Builders who’s reputation continues to grow !

You may well have heard about us, seen us at work or even our vans dotted around South Wales.

As highly reputable quality builders we believe that our image is as important as our skills and the service we offer to all of our customers.

We all know that the building and construction industry has been hit hard over the years just like many other businesses, making investing in a business more difficult than ever.

However, despite profit margins being squeezed we are determined to invest our profits back into our business.

This will no doubt ensure that our image, service and productivity helps us to continue and improve the service we offer which is why we recently signed up to one of Ford’s special offers and leased purchased a new Ford Transit van to add to our fleet

Although in the past we have purchased Renault vans, the Ford Transit met our needs at a price we could just about afford.

It offers more room so we can carry more stock as well as being able to collect larger bulk building materials from our suppliers.

As you can see from the photos we ‘kitted’ the rear of the van out with a slim line racking system from a great little company called ‘van tidy’ as well as the roof with a new Rhino Roof Rack and a few other accessories.

We then gave the van some finishing touch and designed the imagery to suit, and hey presto we now have a great new van that is already proving to advertise the services we offer.

The Ford Transit offers everything we need to be able to build new homes, new house extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions and even basement conversions.

I have to admit, that the ford transit is definitely hard to beat as a van and a tool. The only trouble now is that here at Derwood Homes we are all arguing over who is to drive it !

So when you see us nearby give us a wave or better still say Hello !

Quality and Professionalism Guaranteed

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The Benefits of Having A Loft Attic Conversion

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Having A Loft Conversion Can Add Substantial Value To Your Property

The most obvious benefit of having a loft conversion is that you will add that much sort after extra living space for you and your family to enjoy.

Having a loft conversion means you can add extra bedrooms, a hobby or play room, a quite study or home office or even a place where you can simply chill out and view the stars.Converting a loft in compliance with Regulations
Another benefit of having aloft conversion is the ability to add another bathroom or en suite which is a great solution to overcoming the early morning bathroom queues.

From our experience we have found that having a loft conversion is now one of the most cost effective ways to add extra space to your home. not only that, having a loft conversion can add an extra 20% value to your property.  Wow !

People are generally amazed at the extra room that is created by having an attic conversion. Attic conversion costs do vary but average between £15,000 to £38,000.00.

Some cost even more, but the thing to remember is that when converting your loft the work must comply with new building and fire regulations otherwise your house insurance will be void.  Having your loft convert can mean that a lot of structural work has to be carried out but you can be sure that it will be worth it in the long run.

Adding Value to Your Existing Property

The value of your property will increase no matter what extra living space you build. Converting your loft to create extra living space can even enable you to rent the room out to a lodger to generate some additional income or to enable you to move your in laws in so you can look after them. There are many benefits for having your loft convert but be sure to seek some expert advise so you can work out the conversion costs. The benefits of having a loft converted for some people out-way the increase in value it can add to a property in particular their lifestyle.

The Extra Benefits of Having A Loft / Attic Conversionthe benefits of having a loft conversion

House extensions, garage conversions and even basement conversions are on the increase due to the rising costs of moving home. Another benefit of having your loft convert over a new house extension is of course the fact that you don’t use up any garden space. It can offer a more secluded area of your home and even provide you with the option of having a balcony to sit out on.

Planning permission is not always needed to convert your loft but does depend of the size and type of alterations that you may be thinking of having done to the existing roof structure and what the visual impact may be when viewed from the street you live in.

Derwood Homes and Developments thoroughly enjoy constructing modern loft conversions for people all over South Wales which is why our reputation is growing.

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What Does the New Planning Shake-up Mean for Me?

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Planning Shake-upPlanning rules are to be relaxed in England, it has been announced, in a bid to ‘get Britain building’, as deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg puts it. But, as with many matters since devolution, the situation is different here in Wales. So can we look forward to having less red tape to cut through when planning home extensions?

The truth is that a lot remains to be seen. The idea behind the proposed changes in England is to boost the economy; one way the government wants to achieve this is to allow homeowners, for a three-year period, to build bigger extensions without permission from planners in order to get the property market moving. In Wales the planning system is devolved to the Welsh Government – and they seem unlikely to follow the UK coalition.

But Environment Minister John Griffiths does want planning officers to find out what their local economies need and is expected next month to outline changes more in favour of the economy than the environment. He has told journalists that he wants to do ‘all we can’ to make sure that the planning system here supports economic development in today’s tough times and to have uniformity in decisions taken across Wales.

In the meantime, don’t be put off considering an extension as a way of adding value to your home and, of course, giving your family more room to grow! All good builders will keep up to date with the new regulations as they come into effect and will be happy to give you advice. Why not take a look here at our top tips on creating a new house extension and join the politicians in getting Britain building!