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Love Your Garden

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Alan Titchmarsh’s New ProgrammeUntitled

I have to say that I rarely find the time to watch T.V. these days but whilst having dinner, I did manage to watch Alan’s new ITV show, ‘ Love Your Garden’. What I loved about the show was it’s simplistic approach to a variety of things that can be achieved with any garden.

As the co-owner of Derwood Homes that specialises in gardening projects around Cardiff and Bridgend, one of my favourite topics is designing,  creating and of course transforming peoples gardens within South Wales. Call me boring but there is something tranquil about the garden even if you do only use it to Sunbathe or play with the kids… Either way we all one way or another love our garden. Alan brings a modern approach and feel to gardening and makes the programme which is on Fridays well worth watching.     

Yours Truly