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Builder In Cardiff Finds HiddenTreasure

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Do you ever dream about finding some hidden treasure…. 

Demand for our services is growing by the day which is great news since it gives us the opportunity not only to prove what a good builder in Cardiff we really are but also the opportunity to get involved in a variety of different and exciting projects…

Reputable Builder in Cardiff South Wales finds TreasureBeing such a 1st class quality builder in Cardiff  has meant that demand for our services now stretches across more and more areas within South Wales  including places like Caerphilly, Bridgend, Porthcawl and then along the M4 Corridor down to Swansea.

This means that we get to work in all sorts of terrain, beautiful landscapes, some historic, some within the Welsh Valleys and others along the amazing Welsh coast line…

Derwood Homes… An Honest, Reputable Builder In Cardiff

Offering a 1st class quality building service, is not just the key factor customers look for…. honesty also plays an important part which is why we are keen to share with you some exciting news about a small treasure box that we found during some excavation works on a recent building project in Cardiff. Highly reputable builder in South Wales

I imagine that most builders  dream about finding some hidden treasure.

Well, that is exactly what happened to us whilst carrying out some building work in Cardiff for one of our customers.

Many of our building projects  need some excavation work to be carried out, whether we are building a new ‘self build home‘ for a customer or a new House Extension, an Orangery or maybe during  the renovation or refurbishment on a property …

You see whenever excavation work is carried out, you have to be vigilant and extremely careful at all times to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to any underground utility services such as electric cables, gas or water mains or even tree roots or nearby foundations of an existing property….

Hence why whenever we see something that looks unusual whilst  excavating or constructing foundations for a project, we have to check what it is before before proceeding…  which is exactly what we did when we uncovered what looked like a small treasure box ……

What we found was very unusual indeed and yes we did think that we had struck Gold !!!

Reputable Builder In South Wales Covering Cardiff Bridgend Porthcawl and SwanseaWhat we found inside was a large amount of live ammunition including a German Officers Luger Pistol dated 1916 in prestige condition !!!

Well, we couldn’t believe our eyes… It was an amazing sight…. Then of course reality kicked in…

Not only were we excited to break the news to our customer we also knew that we would have to inform the Police so they could deal with the large quantity of ‘live ammunition’ for obvious safety reasons. It wasn’t long before we discovered that the Pistol, to our customers delight was worth a considerable amount of money…

No doubt there is some exciting historical story behind our find …..

Strike It Lucky With A Reputable Builder Cardiff

So, if you are looking for a Reputable Builder in Cardfiff or anywhere else in South Wales, that offers an honest , high quality standard of work, then look no further. ‘Derwood Homes’ is just the builder you need… Although we can guarantee you a 1st class service with excellent workmanship at competitive prices, sadly we cannot promise that we will find some hidden treasure for you… !

Although we will try our very best !!

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How To Create An Outdoor Living Space That Will Make Your Neighbours Jealous

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Outdoor Living Is A Great Way To Bring The Inside Out

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.”Alfred Austin

 Outdoor Living : Patio or decking?

How to create outside living space

You can tell a lot about a person by their garden, for example a person who enjoys gardening and outdoor living will have a well kept garden, whereas the less enthusiastic gardeners will have more untended gardens that have been left to overgrow.

But whether you are a gardening enthusiast or not, gardens offers a great way to create more living space by adding some  new outdoor living areas.

So what is the best way to add some outdoor living space?

Building a patio or installing decking can provide extra space whether it is for dining, relaxing or even to provide a playing area for the children but what is the best option to choose?

Patio, derived from the Spanish word for “courtyard”,offers flexibility as is can be installed anywhere…attached to the main house or even in the middle of the garden.  

They can be built from a number of different materials including concrete pavers, stone and rock and are built directly on the ground . Installing patios can offer a great way to add new outdoor living space or to revamp an existing unsightly slab of concrete.

outdoor living ideas

Decking however is generally constructed from wood or synthetic wood which helps to give a feeling of warmth and beauty.

Decking is generally attached to the main house and can be built on different levels, therefore often needing safety rails installed. If you have great views around you, then decking can offer a great way to take advantage of those views.

Both building a patio or installing decking can offer a great way to provide extra outdoor living space and it will be a matter of personal choice as to which you prefer.

So what else do you need to take into consideration when considering adding a patio or decking as part of your garden makeover?

Outdoor Living : Choosing The Right Location

Location is an important factor when creating outdoor living space and this will largely be determined by what you intend to use the area for.

If you intend to use it for outdoor dining then you would need to choose an area that is near to the kitchen.

In addition to this if you intend to entertain family and friends in this area then you will also need to find a location that offers privacy away from neighbours and outside noise.

Whereas, if you plan on using the space as a play area for the children then you may want to locate it a little bit further from the house so as not to be constantly disturbed by the noise of children playing! 

Outdoor Living : Adding Extra Touches

When you have decided on whetherOutdoor living ideasr to install decking or build a patio and have decided on a location, the next step is to add some extra touches such as plants and furniture to make the area more appealing.

Try to choose plants that are quite low maintenance, (especially if you do not like gardening and also to ensure that you have more time to relax in your new outdoor living space), and to buy furniture that compliments the colours and style of your new outdoor living area and you will have an outdoor living space that will make your neighbours jealous!

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Having a Garage Conversion Can Create Extra Space And Value To Your Home

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

South Wales Leading Garage Conversion Company Offers FREE Quotes

With cars generally getting bigger and houses getting smaller, chances are that your garage is currently being used to store half tins of paint, gardening equipment, old toys and endless storage items. Garage Conversion Specialists Derwood Homes

Many of us are missing one of the cheapest and effective ways of creating extra living space …namely having a garage conversion.

Whether you want to create a playroom, work office, gym, utility room or any other extra living space, converting your garage into an extra room can be the most cost effective and practical approach to take. However, before rushing out to arrange to have your garage converted, here are a few points to consider;

Do you need planning permission for a garage conversion?

You do not generally need planning permission to convert your garage especially if the work is internal and is not enlarging the building. However, some permitted developments rights have been removed from some properties with regard to garage conversions; therefore it is better to check with the local planning authority before proceeding.

Despite planning approval not normally being required, if you are converting a garage into a habitable space you will usually require approval under the building regulations.

How do I find out about current building regulations for having a garage conversion?

As the owner of your property, you will be legally responsible for ensuring that you comply with any planning and building regulations relating to your garage conversion. Therefore it is advisable to contact your local planning authority and building control prior to commencing  any building works.

Alternatively you could contact a local builder or architects who will usually be able to advise you and who will also liaise Cardiff Garage Conversion Specialistwith those departments on your behalf, saving you the time and effort of having to do so.

Make sure that your garage conversion matches the rest of your property

It is important, wherever possible, to ensure that the materials that you use, including windows, doors and floorings, match the rest of your house, especially the adjoining room, so that the garage does not appear an “eyesore” to the rest of the building.

It is worth remembering, that if you plan to convert your garage into an extra storage room, you can even keep the existing garage doors to save cost, and still create a lovely internal extra room.

All in all, having a garage conversion can prove an inexpensive and effective way of creating an extra room, providing more light into your home by adding glazed doors and windows and also will add value to your property… so it is a win, win solution.

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South Wales Leading Orangery Specialists

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Fancy Adding an Orangery To Your Home?

As one of South Wales Leading Orangery Specialists the demand for Orangeries is growing. Whether it’s because the sun is shining or because our reputation is growing, enquiries for Orangeries has rocketed.

Vale Orangeries Builders and Specialists

We’re not complaining by any means but the question we are generally being asked is what the benefits Orangeries are over having a traditional house extension or conservatory built.

Building An Orangery… Designed and Built With You In Mind

So far enquires for us to design and build orangeries appear to be more popular that ever, so if you are considering having a new Modern Orangery added to your home take a look at the our website to read the free advice we offer.

There you will see the benefits an Orangery can have and how to go about getting one built… Building an Orangery is easier than you think.

The Benefits of Building An Orangery

In a nutshell Orangeries can add extra living space to any home that in turn can be used all year round.

They tend to be more expensive to build due to the glass roof or glass roof canopy and is installed and some of the modern more unique feature they tend to incorporate to give that extra special look and feel.

Orangery, House Extension or Conservatory?

In my view…. forget installing a conservatory.. Adding a new house extension or building an Orangery to create that much needed extra living space for you and your family will add far more value, light and a WOW factor.

For Further Free Advice on How to add an Orangery to your home take a look at our website HERE

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How To Find A Good Reputable Builder

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Are You Looking for a Good Reputable builder?

Have you ever been in the situation where you have struggled to find a good reputable builder or has anyone ever asked you if  ‘ you know a good builder?’

How to find a good reputable builderFinding a good reputable builder is not always easy because people are very often skeptical due to the bad press and TV Programmes that portray some builders as being rouge builders, but don’t let that put you off… It’s not as bad is it all sounds.

If you’re looking for a good reputable builder to build a new house extension say for example in Cardiff, Bridgend or South Wales, then word of mouth is always a good starting point. Another way is by looking on the Internet to search for a recommended and reputable builder within your area

A Good Reputable Builder – Find one ‘Online’

One of the easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to go ‘online’ and type in ‘I am looking for a good reputable builder’ in Bridgend ‘ Cardiff,  Porthcawl , Caerphilly, Barry or South Wales for example. Naming the town where you live will help narrow down the search so that you can find a good reputable builder near you. Internet Search engines such as Google will then highlight a few options for you to consider.

Arrange a free no obligation meeting with a few of the builders that look reputable to you. This will give you the opportunity to meet them in person and see whether they are someone who you feel comfortable in developing a working relationship with.

A Good Reputable Builder – Should You Trust him?

Building a rapport with a good reputable builder before committing to any type of contract is definitely a good idea. Believe it or not there are lots of people that have and continue to deliberately deceived builders in the same way some builders have deceived their customers, which is why both parties may be nervous about one another other to begin with.  Communication and ensuring that every aspect of a project is discussed is extremely important before it even starts.

How to Avoid cowboy buildersMost good reputable builders have an open, friendly and honest approach about them and are usually very trust worthy towards their customers being able and in a postion to them paying for their services.

There has to be trust between both parties, but at the same time it is still wise to draw up a contract that you are both comfortable with and include stage payments for the work that is being carried out. This will help nurture the relationship between you and provide you a written schedule of the work that is included in your quote.

Despite there being some ‘rouge builders’ there are also some very dishonest and ‘rouge’ customers out there too.

A Good Reputable Builder – Deserves Some Credit

Builders are generally hard working individuals who love what they do. They are skilled mutli-tradesmen and women who take pride in the service their offer and know all to well that the best way for them to advertise is through word of mouth. Just like any other service or business, they have to pay for building materials supplies, wages and other overheads.So be sure to pay them on time and don’t expect them to be your bank.

Although there are a lot of builders who don’t operate their business in full compliance with tax and other legal obligations good reputable builders do. It is for this reason their services may well be more expensive than your so call ‘bob the builder’ who loves working for cash. If a builder offers his services for cash only, walk away !

With building regulations, planning laws all changing only a good reputable will be able to offer you the expertise and advice you deserve.

A Good Reputable Builder – Derwood Homes

Derwood Homes and Developments for example, understand how important it is to offer a first class service to it’s customers and create confidence. They also appreciate that construction terminology and building schedules may not be looked upon or understood by their customer’s in the same way as themselves.

Good reuptable builders This is why it is so important for both parties to communicate openly as possible to ensure that the working relationship develops into a good one from the outset… just like in any marriage!

If you’re looking for a good reputable builder, what very often stands out is a builder that turns up every day to carry out a good hard days work, is clean, efficient, professional and very helpful in talking through each stage with their customer.

Regardless how good and reputable a builder may be, having construction works done in and around your home can be stressful. Again, don’t let this put you off having building works done on your property.  Discuss any concerns you have especially if it is going to disruption to your day-to-day activities and what can be done to minimize the effect on you and your family.

Most builders are keen to help and please their customers so don’t be afraid to sit down and have a cup of coffee with them to discuss progress.

Derwood homes believes that developing a good working relationship will keep everyone happy and make a good job worthwhile. That is why finding a good reputable builder is so important.

Remember… not all builders are bad..!

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