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Orangery Extension

Looking to Create Some Extra Living Space?

Adding an Orangery to your home is a great way to add some extra living space. Imagine sitting and relaxing in your very own bespoked orangery looking out into your garden whilst enjoying an open, bright and luxurious environment that a well designed orangery can offer.

What is an Orangery ?

Orangeries were a popular status symbol in the 17th and 19th centuries and were originally used to house citrus plants during the winter months. Today, Orangeries are fast becoming the much preferred choice to providing a luxurious extension to a house. Luxurious Orangery Designs

Here at Derwood Homes we specialise in designing and constructing Orangeries to suit individual budgets. Orangeries generally tend to have a lot more detail and unique features than the average house extension or conservatory and they do tend to be more expensive to build, but the finished product is worth it. Orangery prices tend to vary quite a lot depending on size and the amount of detail that is required to suit individual tastes which is why our orangery design service and ideas are now so popular.

What is the difference between an Orangery and Extension?

The main difference is that an orangery has either a full or partial Glass roof similar to a glass pyramid that is either double or triple glazed which allows as much light as possible to enter the living space. Orangeries are increasing in popularity because they can be designed to match your existing property but include some extra luxurious, modern or classic features. Orangeries have the effect of bringing the outside world into your home.

What is the difference between and Orangery and a Conservatory ?Bespoked Orangery Specialists

The main difference is that Orangeries have less glass and uPVC frame work than a typical conservatory. They are also much warmer and efficient during the winter months than what conservatories are and they offer a more comfortable living environment.

What does an Orangery Cost ?

Orangery prices due vary based upon the size and the amount of specialist building work that each orangery design requires. Orangeries are generally classed as being a mixture of a new house extension and a conservatory but comply with current 'u' value regulations making them a luxurious extra living to enjoy all year round. Orangery construction costs are on average slightly more expensive than building a house extension because they have a glass roof or a partial one and tend to have some extra steel beams as part of its main structure.

Can a Conservatory or House Extension be converted into an Orangery ?

Yes... !  It's not that difficult to convert your existing conservatory or house extension into an Orangery. All we generally have to do is carry out a survey, design and calculate some engineering specifications to suit your budget and away you go.

Is planning permission needed for an Orangery ?

In theory both planning and building regulations permission is needed to build an orangery. However, as you may already know, the government is relaxing the planning laws to prevent planning permission being needed. However, compliance with building regulations is still a very big must.Types of Orangery Roofs Modern Orangery Glass Roof

Whether your looking to build an Orangery, convert a tired out conservatory or extension into an orangery, we have a solution to help you to do just that.

With our professional and accredited customer service you can rest assured that we have a solution to suit your needs and that you will always be in good hands.

We cover most areas throughout South Wales including Cardiff, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Barry, Porthcawl, Swansea and all areas along the M4 corridor.

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