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Basement Conversions Are Increasing
Especially Within Cardiff, Bridgend and South Wales

With home improvements more popular than ever, basement conversions are just one part of a home that people are now converting in to that Basement Conversionsmuch sort after extra living space. Here at Derwood Homes we strive to help home owners convert their basements into some incredible extra living space that we all desperately need as our families grow.
Basement conversions require a lot of structural planning to ensure that all of the engineering works needed to convert a basement are carefully considered when determining what the conversion costs wil be.     
Most basement conversions required a full basement waterproofing system to be installed to ensure that any existing damp or water ingress into the basement is adequately dealt with to create a usable and habitable living area. Basement conversions come in all shapes and sizes providing extra space where a house extension or an attic / loft conversion is no longer practical. 
Many people think that converting a basement is a straight forward process but trust us when we say it isn't, well not for the average DIY'er. As we all know Building Regulations have been dramatically upgraded to ensure that the standard of building works improves throughout the country and to ensure that all types of work carried out are done in accordance with these regulations, otherwise when the property is put up for sale it may result in the property becoming unsalable.
Most basement conversions require a full cellar tanking system to ensure that any risk of damp or water entering the property is adequately dealt with. If it isn't then the cellar / basement will quickly become damp, start to smell and become more like a dungeon that a cellar conversion.
But before you start to panic... it's not as complicated as it may sound. With the right advise, expertise and professional workmanship a cellar conversion can be an exciting addition to your home. It could become a new play room, a study, hobby room, a home cinema room, entertainment room, or even an indoor swimming pool.
So if you fancy going under ground instead of out into the garden or up towards the sky to create some extra living space, then a basement conversion is the answer.

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