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Conservatory work in South Wales

Adding a Conservatory or a Sun Room to your house can be an excellent addition to your home and if carefully designed and planned, it will add value to your property. The design can vary greatly in size and should always take into account the materials to be used and the overall style. A good building company such as Derwood Homes will help you with all aspects of building and designing a conservatory.
There are a number of considerations to think about during the planning and design stage:

  • Builders in Wales#Direction which the conservatory will face. This will affect the heat in the summer time and during other seasons.
  • Materials used. Glass roof conservatory's tend to be quite popular with the main frame constructed  out of stone or brick. The windows can either be designed in Upvc or wood depending on preference.
    If you prefer to have a tiled roof thus creating more of a Sun Room rather than a standard Conservatory then that is another option to consider. There is also the style of flooring to consider.
  • Size and Planning Permission are two more issues to consider with which a company such as Derwood Homes in Wales, can also guide you with.

So when considering having a new Conservatory designed and built by a reputable building company in South Wales, please feel free to call Derwood Homes for a FREE quote and to discuss your needs. Derwood Homes have years of experience in the South Wales area and have skilled workmen available for all aspects of the construction and design process.

Quality and Professionalism Guaranteed.

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