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Extension in Llandaff

We were recently commissioned by clients in Cardiff to build a large single storey extension around their home in Llandaff, Cardiff.

Both Mr and Mrs London were busy professionals who wanted a reputable builder in Cardiff to build their new extension and be able to project manage the whole building project on their behalf. Mr London worked long hours for a large Solicitors, so was rarely at home.

The project consisted of constructing a large extension and removing two of the main house walls to open up the old house to form part of an ‘open plan ‘ feature within the new extension.

This meant that some large substantial steel reinforcement beams had to be installed. The building works to construct the new extension went smoothly and swiftly.  As the extension was being built the clients also decided to have more and more works carried out, turning their house into a modern and warm home.

It was a pleasure to work for our clients who in turn made us feel welcome at all times. The clients themselves are extremely pleased with the service we provided as can be seen from their testimonial below.

Extension in LlandaffHouse SideHouse Back
Extension in LlandaffHouse SideHouse Back
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